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Miscellaneous PvP Results Empty Miscellaneous PvP Results

Post by colindj1120 on Thu Jul 17, 2014 3:00 pm

Heavy Metal

A strong start for Colindj and 123456781 with 1057 and 1001 Respectively. We did very well as an alliance just missing getting into the top 50 with a rank of 54 with an alliance score of 13998 and an average score of 500. Failing to meet requirements of a score of 550 were MaTBjorkman (543), jatto (470), Ace19 (469) and IxCptMorganxl (303).

Congratulations to Br4dders on a new high score of 879 beating his previous score of 852.

Lets continue to push hard guys in the PvP's we are so close to consistently breaking into the top 50 Alliances.


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