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Season 2 Event Results Empty Season 2 Event Results

Post by colindj1120 on Tue Jul 15, 2014 5:38 pm

Fatal Attraction:
Nice job on Fatal Attraction everyone. We placed 124th which is significantly better than our previous events, and quite good considering we have three dead weight officers. I created a support ticket regarding that issue on Sunday, but no update as of yet.

Nice job Kaiyotex for scoring 870 and pulling into the Season 2 lead with an average of 766 points per event. Player of the event goes to Ghorghorbey for breaking out of his 500ish streak with a score of 713. Killians and Ranjin also scored highly.

Sambobjammin and Spiney Dan posted weak scores in this event (259 and 413). Their average season 2 scores are 323 and 356 points per event respectively. They have not signed into the forums and both are new to the clan in Season 2. Based on all of these factors they will be removed from the alliance to make room for more deserving players.

Performing better but below the expected 500 average mark are Br4dders (447) and Diakonos (479). I also had issues logging into the game this morning, so I feel your pain there. Your position within the alliance is safe as long as you start getting into the expected range moving forward.

Fresh Cut and Starfall:
As an alliance we did 10% better in Fresh Cut than in the previous PvP (Fatal Attraction) with an average score of 660! For some reason this was an extremely competitive event and we did not do quite as well in alliance ranking as in Fatal Attraction.

We had 8 players with a score of 749 or better. These were Black Dog, Colindj, Killians, Dubstep, Rankjin, Kaiyotex, Ace and Seraph. Player of the event goes to Ace for leaving the 500s with a score of 780.

For the first time ever we had no players with a score less than 400. However there were several underperformers: Th4x0r (479), Branuak (435), Reaper (404) and Diakonos (395)

We decided to take a break on Starfall as an alliance. Starfall scores will not be counted towards Season 2 averages.

Cage Match:
Good effort on this event; we placed 116. This was the first event without our 3 inactive officers, however we had 5 new members who for the most part did not score well. Despite that I think they have good potential and some of them will hopefully be assets to us moving forwards.

Colindj lead the scoring with an impressive 914 (currently the record score) and we had a record 10 players score above 600.

On the other end of the spectrum our Chronic low scorers continue to under-perform. Reaper, Br4dders and Diakonos all hold averages under 500 and scored under 500 on this event. Dubstepflo, traditionally a top scorer, did not participate in this event (39 points).

Predator and Prey
Great job on this event everyone.  We had an all around amazing effort, finishing in 50th place with an average score of 694!  Our consistent high scorers continued to do their thing, and they were joined by some great scores from our new members Bloodyjackyl, Kristindoreen keybladeavatar and Kibbs.  Diakonose and Br4dders broke out of their low score streak with some respectable scores.  Nobody scored worse than mid 400s.

I would like to thank all of you who stuck around and continued to put up good scores throughout season 2 despite our issues with inactive officers keeping us from scoring alliance rewards. Get ready for some payoff from our hard work!


The ball is definitely rolling now with another great alliance effort in Starfall! We placed 44th as an alliance, our highest ranking yet, with an average score of 628. 123456781 had the top score again with 934, leading a group of 9 scoring above 750.

Notably this was also our first event with no brand new members. Keep up the good work everyone!

Magnetic Mayhem
Great job guys. We placed 34th with an average score of 656! 123456781 led the scoring with a record 978 points.

Player of the event goes to Ace19 for breaking into the 800s!

Not meeting scoring requirements were Kaiyotex (287) and BloodyJackyl (0).

Cage Match
We had a fantastic event with Cage Match, averaging 729 points per member! However, we placed 81st as an alliance, which is our worst ranking in a while. This suggests two things:
- The competition is getting much heavier as the end of season 2 approaches
- It becomes easier to score higher when the event at large is scoring higher

I think that the final season 2 event (God of Thunder) is going to be extremely competitive, and we will need to score higher than usual to maintain our position. However, it may not be much harder to achieve this higher score. Good luck everyone!

Season 2 Completed
Nice job everyone during season 2.  This was a great season for us in terms of building a successful alliance.  We started out the season regularly finishing in the 150 - 200 range and ended it regularly in the top 100, and often in the top 50.

We finished at the 111th position. Based on our performance during the second half of season two I have no doubt that we will be solidly in the top 100 at the end of season 3!


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