Recap of the new healing mechanics

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Recap of the new healing mechanics Empty Recap of the new healing mechanics

Post by BlackDog on Wed Jun 25, 2014 7:11 pm

Healing has just been fundamentally changed, and this is going to have a significant impact on the way we play the game.

Types of Healing:
-There are two types of healing, "true healing" and "temporary healing."  
-True healing occurs when characters heal themselves  (Daken, Wolverine, Ares' yellow).
-Temporary healing occurs when characters heal others (OBW, Spiderman, She-Hulk).

How They Work
-True healing works the same as it always has.
-Temporary healing heals your characters during the battle, but when the fight ends, they then lose those points that were healed.

My team is Wolverine, OBW and Storm.  For the sake of this example let's pretend they all have 3000 life.  The enemy gets off a tommy gun countdown and deals 1000 damage to each of my characters.  The next turn I match yellow, healing Wolverine for 500 points.  The turn after that I use OBW's heal, healing Wolverine for 500, OBW for 1000 and Storm for 1000.  Then the enemy Juggernaut Headbutts Storm for 2500 damage putting her at 500 life.  Then Storm casts Windstorm, destroying all the enemies and winning the match.

At the end of the match Wolverine and OBW are at full health, and Storm is at 500.  However, OBW's heal was a temporary, and now all three character lose the life they gained.  Wolverine is at 2500 health (since his "true heal" is permanent.  OBW and Storm each lose 1000 life putting OBW at 2000 and Storm at 0 (she dies).

The healing was important, because if the heal had not occurred Storm would have died from the headbutt and been unable to windstorm.  However it is no longer possible to continuously play by using OBW or Spiderman to heal yourself back up to full health at the end of battles.


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