Starting late in an event (moved from event results thread)

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Starting late in an event (moved from event results thread) Empty Starting late in an event (moved from event results thread)

Post by BlackDog on Sat Jul 26, 2014 1:00 pm

Antilles (666) and Diakonos (614) exceeded our minimum in Fresh Cut.  Both guys mentioned that they only had the last hour or hour and half to play this event.  That's it: just the hour or so right before the event ends.  That's great information.  I think a lot of us are slogging from the very start of an event to get a decent score, but maybe that's not the best use of our efforts.  I think we put a lot of energy, time, and resources getting and then maintaining the scores we want.  I think it's easier and more efficient to estimate how much time it'll take to get our scores and then start when there's about that much time left.

by Aggieruss04 on Mon 21 Jul 2014 - 22:31
Antilles and/or Diakonos, how did your scoring work? Were you getting more points per match since you were playing from behind? Or did you just cruise through matches quickly? Did you have to use multiple teams or did you make it through with just a primary one? I'm curious in case I ever need or want to use that strategy.

by 123456781 on Mon 21 Jul 2014 - 23:12
Also, did y'all get attacked a bunch or no?


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Starting late in an event (moved from event results thread) Empty Re: Starting late in an event (moved from event results thread)

Post by antilles26 on Wed Jul 30, 2014 7:00 pm

i generally start depending on when i can find the time and the wifi connection (i play on my ipad, wifi only). i had been tanking beforehand so that when i start i face teams that have like... level 1-15 chars. play a bunch of those guys, get to around 300 or 400 (depending on event competition) and the levels gradually get to about 50s then soon to max levels. i probably start getting attacked when i hit 500, so from there i try and beat as many bad teams as possible to make my points and shield up. it's pretty frantic because i start losing points from being attacked at the same time.

i got about 25-30 points a match against people that have more points. those around my point level give about 20, and lower levels that are left give about 15. it's not bad to earn 15 for a match because they are a much quicker kill.

generally, i get some more points on defense, my primary team is OBW, Ares, and whatever is required because those are my most complete ones. if im playing within the last three hours to try and get points, i get attacked a lot. if i play earlier and am able to put the 8hour shield up, i think i am attacked less.

my patch just got a green cover, so he may replace Ares, the strike tiles go super well with OBW's black. this past event, i used an alternative team to get to the harder competition, psylocke and patch, pretty much any tank would work against the low levels.


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