How do we enforce participation to ensure top 100 finishes while still being reasonable/flexible?

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How do we enforce participation to ensure top 100 finishes while still being reasonable/flexible?

Post by BlackDog on Mon Nov 24, 2014 3:35 pm

For season 8 we reworked the rules to be more simple and clear cut and at the same time we increased the expected minimum score from 600 to 650. After a few events with these new rules it is becoming clear to me that they are a bit too rigid. I recognize that there are "difficulty thresholds" as you progress through a PvP event and that it might be easy for a player to get to 550 or 600 points but very difficult for them to reach 650 to 700. These thresholds seem to vary between players and events. We have some players in the 2 star realm who have worked hard to meet our former 600 point requirement but who may struggle to consistently make 650 points and my goal is not to gradually force you guys into leaving or getting kicked.

At the same time it is obvious that competition for top 100 spots as an alliance has been heating up for the last season or two. Also in the range we are placing there isn't a huge point differential between positions. This means that even if one of our players does not participate it can put us in a position where we might have difficulty staying in the top 100. Raising the required score to 650 in essence was intended to take the pressure off the alliance as a whole during this sort of situation.

So far this season I have been very happy with our member participation and ranking as an alliance. This is probably partly due to the new requirements and players being worried about probation and getting removed from the group. So the million dollar question is how do we keep our participation steady while not creating an environment of stress and punishment?

I am particularly interested in comments from those members who feel that they are working hard but think they might not make it if we continued enforcing our current requirements.


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Re: How do we enforce participation to ensure top 100 finishes while still being reasonable/flexible?

Post by machone3720 on Tue Nov 25, 2014 12:48 pm

I am one of the members that is having a hard time right now.  I think that my issue stems from the fact that I'm transitioning from the 2* to the 3* level of play.  I'm hoping that my struggle to meet the alliance minimum will go away once I have a couple of 3*'s maxed out.

I've been thinking about this problem for the last 24 hours, and honestly I'm at a loss.  I've brainstormed various ideas, but none of them seem to be a good solution to the problem.

Things I've thought about:
• Reducing the alliance event minimum back to 600.  – This would help me personally to hit the minimum, but it wouldn’t guarantee that I would be able to do so.  Also, I don’t know how it would affect others that are having the same issue that I am.  Plus it puts us in a weaker state as a whole and may cause us to not hit top 100 regularly.
• Working out some sort of handicap system for those struggling – While not a terrible idea it is too much work to tabulate handicaps.  Plus it can be fairly arbitrary.  I was using the bowling handicap system as my basis while thinking about this.  Overall just not worth the effort.

At this point I was out of ideas.  So I looked at a number of other alliance web sites for inspiration.  Every site I looked at was using a system similar to ours.  

I started to wonder if I was approaching the problem the wrong way.  Sure we want to maintain a top 100 rating to get the cool loot.  However, we also want to have fun playing without worrying if we are going to get dropped from the alliance.  So the question is how do we enforce participation without punishing those that are trying really hard, but not putting up the scores we need?  Honestly I don’t know that we can.  I think maybe for those of us struggling we just have to rely on the alliance leadership to see which of us are trying and to give us a free pass.  I know that isn’t fair at all to those in the alliance that are performing above and beyond.  Eventually those of us struggling won’t struggle anymore as our roster gets filled out.  If you kick the people that will eventually be strong alliance members then you have to deal with the constant cycle of recruitment and weak players while searching for a new strong member.

I’m sure someone smarter than me can come up with a solid system to deal with this issue.  Unfortunately I personally am incapable of devising a solution that promotes participation while nurturing those of us with potential.  


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