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Two Star Characters and Teams Empty Two Star Characters and Teams

Post by BlackDog on Thu Nov 13, 2014 3:21 pm

Character Summary

The "Bruisers":
These guys have a lot of health and skills that do a lot of damage.  Generally you will want to have one of them on each team you play.
Ares - High damage output but you need to be careful with his skills
Thor - Big health, three solid damage skills that feed each other
Wolverine - Less health and damage than Ares/Thor but his strike tiles pair well with OBW double strike
Human Torch (HT) - Has a rare black power and good damage output but unlike the others here he has low health

The "Utility" characters:
Original Black Widow (OBW) - The most important 2 star character.  Her purple and black skills are two of the best skills in the game.
Modern Storm (MStorm) - Wind Storm is one of the best AOE skills in 2 star land and her green skill is good.
Daken - Free strike tiles when you match green, heals.  Pairs well with most teams.
Magneto - His purple is a blue battery for MStorm.  His blue skill is not very useful but his red is quite powerful.

Characters you can ignore:
Hawkeye - Pairs well with Magneto, but Storm is better
Captain America - Not terrible but worse than the "Red/Green" characters
Moonstone - Expensive and unreliable powers
Bullseye - pretty useless
Bag Man - completely worthless

Character combinations:
The most effective two star teams seem to follow one of these patterns:
OBW / [Ares,Thor,Wolverine] / [Daken, Storm, HT] - Good color coverage.  Black Widow controls the flow of the game while your bruiser dishes out the damage.  Your third character is the icing on the cake.
Storm / Magneto / * - Magneto's purple skill feeds Storm's blue.  Hawkeye's new critical skill works nicely with Magneto's purple as well or you can play almost any third character you like.

New Characters:
- Human Torch: did not exist when I was a 2 star player but pairing Human Torch with Ares or Thor seems pretty effective since you then have strong skills in red, yellow, green and black.  
- Captain Marvel: I don't really know much except that her passive skill generates red so she probably pairs well with HT and other bruisers.

Why play two star characters when I have three star covers?
There are some very strong 2 star characters and combinations and even once you start getting a decent amount of 3 star covers it often makes sense to keep playing your two star teams for a while.  There are a few reasons for this:
- Three star characters without all their covers are often less powerful than 2 star characters
- The level of the enemies you must fight is determined in part by the level of your characters.  Once you start leveling up 3 star characters above your two star characters you will start seeing more 3 star enemies.
- With a limited 3 star roster it can be difficult to field a team with good synergy.


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